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The Vancouver Curling Club (VCC), with its modern facility, central location, free parking and easy access to public transit, is an ideal location for -- corporate events, team building workshops, meetings, receptions and family celebrations.


The Vancouver Curling Club has eight sheets of ice available to rent during the curling season: September 1 to April 30.  Boardroom and lounge rentals are available throughout the year.


Ice Rentals

Your curling adventure begins with the basics of delivery and sweeping from an accredited coach; followed by a chance to put your new found skills to the test through game play.

The cost is $246.75 (including gst), for one sheet of ice (which supports eight people), a coach for two hours (coaching first hour, supervising game play the second hour) and all equipment needed. 


Lounge & Boardroom Rentals

The game of curling is a social one, complete your curling experience by buying the winning team a pitcher of beer in the Last Draw Lounge. Of the many groups we've hosted, many organize a catered meal, meeting or additional team building pre or post game.

Our facility has a fully-licensed lounge (capacity 200) with tables and chairs to seat 130 guests. The lounge can be tailored to your event, whether it be a wedding reception, family party, business event or celebration of life.

The lounge includes an audio visual system, podium, microphone, eight hanging TV screens and a portable HD television with 75" screen for presentations. A lockable boardroom (capacity 50) is also available for smaller groups and meetings. Both rooms are available as part of an ice rental or as a stand-alone rental twelve months of the year.


Current rates: $125 per hour for lounge (bartender not included); $50 per hour for boardroom



Why is there so little availability to rent ice in the evenings?

Vancouver Curling Club has 1400 members.  During the season leagues play each week in the evenings and all day Sunday.

How much does it cost to curl?

One sheet of ice, an accredited coach and all equipment required costs $246.75 (including tax) for two hours.

How many people can curl at one time?

One sheet of ice supports 8 people, or two teams of four.

Do we need to bring equipment?

No.  All equipment: brooms, sliders and grippers are provided and covered in the cost.

What should I wear?

Wear clean, flat running shoes to provide you will good balance on the ice.  Dress in comfortable layers that can be removed once you start sweeping and working up a sweat!

How do we learn to curl?

You will have an accredited coach teaching you the basics of curling: delivering a stone, sweeping and game play.

Do we need a coach?

Yes, to ensure your safety, teach you the basics of curling and how to treat the ice with care one coach is needed for each sheet of ice.

Can kids curl?

Absolutely! Children ages 8 and above are welcome to curl.

Can we have a drink after our curling experience?

Enjoying a beer after a game is central to the curling experience.  You are welcome to have a drink if the lounge is open (5:15pm weeknights, 11:00am Sunday).  Or rent the lounge and a bartender to have the lounge to yourself (contingent on availability).


OR contact Shirley Mann, Rentals Coordinator tel: 604.874.0122, email:

  • Click here to download a complete information package on available space for special events such as corporate team building, receptions, banquets, meetings and family celebrations. We look forward to welcoming your group soon to the Club!
  • Click here for info about acceptable clothing and safety rules for being on the ice.


    All participants are required to sign a waiver prior to stepping onto the ice.  Save time and download/ fill-out the group waiver form prior to your event (make sure to bring it with you!).

  • Select either the group waiver form or the waiver for minors.

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