Registration Forms

VCC annual membership and waiver form

This is the form that VCC league curlers are required to complete each season in order to sign the waiver be part of the VCC member database. Filling out this form does not constitute registering for any VCC league.  Please contact a league rep to confirm your place in a league before filling in this form. 

VCC practice and sparing membership

This form is for curlers not registered in a VCC league who wish to be able to obtain a VCC membership, allowing them to practice during designated times and spare in unlimited number of games during the 2018-19 season. There is an online payment of $36.75 ($35.00 plus GST) required when the registration form is completed. If you wish to become part of any league spare lists, please fill in the spare form as well.


VCC league spare lists

Please fill in this form to be added to VCC league spare lists. If you are not already a VCC member you are restricted to sparing in only four or fewer games during the 2018-19 season. If you wish to spare in five or more games, please fill in the practice and sparing membership form above.