The Skins Needs a New Charity

Each year the VCC holds the Barry Naimark Annual Skins Bonspiel . This is a fun event which allows curlers to try a different format and to contribute to a local charity.

The goal of the Club is to find a charity where a $2,000 - $4,000 donation can really make a difference, and now is your chance to submit the name of a worthy charity.

For the past two Skins Bonspiels, the charity has been the Talitha Koum House. The 2011 event marks the end of the two-year commitment to the Talitha Koum House, so all members of the VCC are invited to submit the name of local registered charities with which they have a personal connection. The Special Events Committee will review the applications and make its recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval. The chosen charity will be the recipient of the funds raised at the Skins Bonspiel for two consecutive years.

If there is a charity you believe would benefit from monies raised at the 2012 and 2013 Skins Bonspiels, please submit the following no later than March 31, 2011 to
(1) VCC member name and primary league
(2) name of charity
(3) a brief summary on the charity. Note: all charities must be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

The Board thanks Hamish Macdonald and his team of volunteers for organizing the 2011 Charity Skins event, and for setting a new fundraiser record of more than $3,300.