Motors League

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Welcome to the home page for the Motors League! If you have any questions about the Motors League, feel free to contact the league representative listed below. If you would like to curl in the Motors League, either full time or as a spare please contact Jerry McKenzie at 604-612-2448 or email

Please scroll below for pictures, spare rules and draw details.

Day of Play: 
Contact Name: 
Jerry McKenzie
Contact #: 
Contact Email:
Rules for Spares.pdf144.14 KB
Dave/Lee/Dick/Scott - ea with 36+ years.JPG1.26 MB
2015/16 Playoff 'B' Champs - Klassen Rink1.24 MB
Our Fearless Leader - Jerry1.21 MB
2015/16 League Winners - Ward Rink1.25 MB
2015/16 Playoff 'A' Champs - Grahame Rink1.2 MB
All 2015/16 Winners - 'A' 'B' & League1.28 MB
Bob Cowan 30+ years.JPG429.8 KB
2016-17 Roster.pdf292.29 KB
Motor League Banquet 20151.22 MB
2016-17 Round 1.pdf268.28 KB
Toby accepting 30 year + jacket..JPG1.27 MB
All smiles.JPG1.21 MB
Round 2.pdf191.62 KB
Valentine Flowers.jpg83.66 KB
Round 3 Final.pdf191.84 KB
Playoffs3.pdf180.05 KB
spare list Sept 28 2017.pdf190.53 KB
2017 10.11.pdf186.84 KB