VCC Championships

Monday, April 11, 2016 - 6:00pm - Thursday, April 14, 2016 - 11:00pm


The VCC Championship is an annual event whereby each of the Club's leagues has the chance to nominate at least one team to participate. It is an exciting event that brings together the Club's diverse membership, and culminates by crowning the Club Champion team of the VCC.

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This four-day event features two draw times taking place every evening of the VCC Championships. All teams are guaranteed a minimum of two games in this event, with a few teams who will have to play two games in one night.

Every game is eight ends and any ties are determined with a draw-to-the-button (only the throwing team can sweep). Should a tie arise, the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Finals are the only two games to be solved with an extra end, played towards the glass. *Keep play moving so we can ensure we can stay as close to the designated draw times as possible.

The remaining event rules - from the Club's Policy and Procedures Manual and as discussed and agreed upon by the leagues reps - are outlined below:

  • The VCC Membership Services Coordinator will organize this event.
  • The winner of the VCC Club Championship will be considered the Open Champion of the VCC as there will be no gender or age restrictions on participation in the event, other than meeting the requirement that the team represent a league in the VCC, and be nominated by that league for participation in the VCC Club Championship.
  • Each league will have the opportunity to nominate one team for each full draw that they hold in regular play. This shall refer to time slots as a full draw – all sheets are contracted for that draw. If a league does not rent a full time slot, they will still be eligible to nominate at least one team for the VCC Club Championship. If a league has as least one full draw and a part of another draw, the will only be guaranteed the number of spots in the VCC Club Championship which is equal to the number of full draws that the league occupies.
  • The event draw is a 24-team event.
  • Leagues must confirm if they will be filling their allotted spaces in the VCC Club Championship no later than two weeks before the start of the event. And the specific team names are due no later than 9pm on the Sunday before the VCC Club Championship Event begins.
  • If there are any spaces in the draw after all leagues have confirmed or denied their available spaces per their allotment based on time slots, the remaining spaces in the draw will be filled by teams nominated from the leagues. The rotation of which leagues will receive the opportunity to submit additional team names will be done by random draw in January. This rotation will be used for subsequent seasons to fill spaces in the draw. Once the random rotation has been completed one time, a new random draw will be made at the subsequent January League Reps Meeting.
  • The random draw to place teams into the VCC Club Championship Event will be completed at the January League Reps Meeting, whereby league names will be used as placeholders until team names are provided closer to the event start.
  • The draw will consist of an A and B single elimination format, with the A Champion receiving VCC Club Champion team jackets, and the B Champion receiving a prize to be determined by the event organizers. Meanwhile, the Club tries to also provide prizing to the A and B draw runners-up.